STUDENT DRIVEN LEARNING Questioning and Feedback, Not Lectures



  • No need to sit in class all day listening to textbook regurgitation you could have read yourself.
  • True learning happens when you learn, try, get feedback, and improve in an iterative cycle.
  • Students are prepared for summative assessments with formative ones (marked with hypothetical grades) beforehand.


  • Learn from anywhere. No need to commute or move countries.
  • Students control how they study according to needs. Finish a course in as little as 2 months.
  • Teachers are resources, not dictators.
  • Low tuition, no extra living costs.


  • We are a Ministry inspected school (BSID #886512) that follows the Ontario Provincial Curriculum and issue Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) credits
  • We use reporting templates based on the public school standard reporting templates, with minor adjustments for differences in online teaching
  • Transfer and receive credit for your previous coursework from non-OSSD credit courses

We Remove Barriers

Anyone, anywhere, anytime. Go to school on your terms. 

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