Canada High School (COS) is a secondary school (grade 9 to 12) in the Province of Ontario, Canada and is in the process of obtaining authority to grant credits toward the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. COS is a completely online and virtual school which allows learners to complete courses from anywhere with a computer or phone and Internet connection.

As an online school, our goal is to provide the best possible education to students who are insufficiently supported by the regular physical high school system. In particular, we identify the following types of students that would benefit most from our program:

  • students who cannot physically attend school due to conflicts with other commitments during normal school hours. At COS, such students will meet no conflict because they can study whenever they want.
  • students who require courses which their own school was unable to schedule for them in the time slots they needed. At COS, such students will have no difficulty scheduling because our courses can be entered into at any time and our classes are not limited in size to a physical classroom.
  • students who need to take courses either in less time or more time than the regular school semester. At COS, such students can complete courses in as little as 2 months, or as long as 12 months, which will allow them to meet university/college deadlines for required courses, or go on extended trips to pursue valuable extracurricular activities.

In addition, COS is pleased to serve foreign students who will find our program especially suitable for the following reasons:

  • students will not need to move countries and incur the associated expenses of living in a new location
  • students who are minors will not need to leave the comfort and protection of their home or parents to attend school
  • students will be able to continue studies in their domestic system concurrently with COS, allowing them to achieve the top grades they deserve without language unfamiliarity artificially suppressing their achievement. They can start with a few courses and gradually add more COS courses as their language mastery grows through ESL.
  • students who come from less fortunate families and less developed economies will be able to learn world-class curricula and receive internationally recognized credits on a minimal tuition fee, which COS is able to offer due to our lower costs as an online school. Their families can save their money for when the students are accepted to prestigious universities in North America which all recognize the OSSD.